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Sure we provide waterproofing solutions but R/J Waterproofing can also assists you with those other home improvement projects such as egress doors & windows, concrete repair & rough-in’s, internal & external drainage systems and many more…

Concrete Rough-In

R/J Waterproofing can install plumbing in basement concrete floors for bathroom or laundry room additions.

Egress Installation

Egress windows and doors can add valuable square footage of living space to your home by providing a secondary means of evacuation.

Drainage Systems

Drainage systems alleviate areas of heavy moisture and prevent flooding. These systems can be installed internally or externally of your home.


Knowing your home’s foundation wall construction and where water intrusion is occurring helps in understanding which waterproofing technique will be most effective.

Crawl Space Restoration

Crawl spaces are often moist and dirty and the root of odor and mold proliferation to the rest of their structure. Once remediated and encapsulated crawl space become useful clean, dry areas for home storage.

Foundation Recovery

Bowed or cracked walls can jeopardize your home’s entire structure. R/J Waterproofing uses a full range of remedies to repair structurally compromised foundation walls.



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